Generac produces a variety of different sized gensets at a very attractive price point that can be set to run on either propane or natural gas. Typical air-cooled units range between 8kW and 24kW. They also feature high temperature automatic shutdown, two Line LCD Digital Controller, Electronic Governor, low oil pressure automatic shutdown, overspeed automatic shutdown (Solid-state), crank limiter (Solid-state), battery trickle charger, weather protective enclosure (Locking Type) and a composite base. When coupled with a Generac 100A or 200A Automatic Transfer Switch, or a combo 100A Automatic Transfers/16 circuit panel, you can protect not only the essential circuits (furnace, sump pumps, septic pumps, well pumps, cistern pumps, refrigerators, freezers, essential lights) but also many of the other circuits in your home. See the Average Wattage Requirements Quide for more details on what various electrical devices require to operate.

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Generac 20kW Product Brochure

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