Solar PV Trackers …

Solar PV (Photo Voltaic) systems get their energy from the sun, and so, like the days and seasons are warmer with the sun’s rays hit the earth at less of an angle (contrast the equator temperature with the arctic temperature), so to solar PV tracking systems produce more energy per day than a fixed or seasonally adjusted solar PV systems because the panels move to remain perpendicular to the sun’s rays. There are two general types of tracking systems: one axis (follow the sun all day) and two axis (follow the sun AND tilt so that that panels remain at the most advantageous angle all day, everyday regardless of the season).

While solar PV tracking systems create more energy over the short and long term, there is a higher initial investment as the systems are more complex: however, in most cases, the higher yield is worth the higher investment.

Shown here is a Deger Energie 5000HD dual axis tracker mount solar array.

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